Portuguese Interpreter

Débora Chobanian - Qualified Portuguese Interpreter
As a Portuguese Interpreter (Brazilian), I help clients to communicate effectively between English and Portuguese. I work in many different settings. They can be: small meetings, press conferences, interviews with politicians, filming, court cases, arbitrations, negotiations, and many others.

I organise booths and teams of Portuguese Interpreters for larger and medium conferences. For small meetings, I work with portable equipment to translate simultaneously.

I have worked for small, medium and large companies. I also have NGOs and charities as regular clients. Some of my past and regular clients include: TheBigWord, Ubiqus, Save the Children UK, Google, Nokia, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA, UK), Argus Media, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP, Banco do Brasil, Ministério da Fazenda and Pfizer.

It is important to stress that I am a qualified Brazilian Portuguese Interpreter. Unqualified interpreters can possibly ruin an event or an important negotiation.

It does not matter the size of the project or the the client, I will always do my best to provide high-quality Portuguese Interpreting to suit their needs. This is your one-stop-shop for Portuguese Interpreting.

Portuguese Simultaneous Interpretation

I work as a Portuguese Interpreter to provide simultaneous interpreting at conferences. While in the booth, interpreters work in pairs, alternating the translation every 30 minutes. For small meetings, we use portable equipment. The interpreting should be natural and convey the message accurately.

The portable equipment consists of a microphone with headsets. It is a good option for small groups who have several meetings during the same day. I recommend two providers: Gradav and M&R Communications.

I have interpreted in European Works Councils (EWCs), medical conferences, training seminars, intergovernmental meetings, branding and marketing conferences, arbitrations, academic conferences, sales, sugar and ethanol, oil and gas, just to mention a few.

Portuguese Consecutive Interpreting

As a Consecutive Portuguese Interpreter, I translate the content in short passages. The Portuguese Interpreter takes notes of important details to provide an accurate translation. This mode takes more time than Simultaneous Interpreting.

I have trained as a Portuguese Interpreter at London Metropolitan University. I hold a Masters Degree in Interpreting (Distinction). My working languages are Portuguese and English (with Spanish as a passive language).

Court Interpreter

As a Portuguese Court Interpreter, I work in arbitrations, court cases, litigations and other legal settings. We translate the witness phrase-by-phrase or in small chunks. It is important to be as accurate as possible. In this case, the interpreter cannot alter or change what has been said.


In more formal settings or in small meetings, the Portuguese Interpreter works without equipment. I whisper what is being said to my client almost simultaneously.

Normally, I am positioned behind or close to the client. This mode works for closed-door meetings with politicians, formal dinners and similar occasions.

Liaison Interpreting

The Portuguese Interpreter can translate for a small group or a single person. This mode is similar to Consecutive Interpreting, but faster, sentence-by-sentence.

As a Portuguese Liaison Interpreter I have travelled with clients to business meetings abroad and interpreted in different settings. This mode is useful for presentations, diplomatic meetings, business meetings and legal consultations.

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