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Débora Chobanian - Translation and Interpreting Project Management
In this page, you will find case studies of translation, transcreation, voice-over and interpreting projects. These are projects I’ve personally worked on or that I’ve managed on behalf of my clients.
This is a varied showcase, involving clients and brands from Brazil, UK and other countries.
Many of my current clients and jobs are protected by confidentiality agreements. This is a showcase of case studies that are in the public domain, some featuring high-profile brands and organisations.

Case studies | Translation and transcreation from English and Spanish into Brazilian Portuguese

Some of my past clients, current clients and brands I’ve worked with include:


Case studies | Simultaneous interpreting between English and Portuguese

I have worked in several types of events, including:

I am proud to say over 95 percent of my clients have reported positive feedback over the years.

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As a professional linguist, I am able to assess your needs and offer the most effective solution to you or your organisation.

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As a Brazilian Translator, I translated the datasheet of a personal gas monitor product. Even though the language was quite technical, it also required a touch of expertise in marketing and sales.

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Narration of Storyville’s episode ‘Angels of Rio’, a documentary following Brazilian private eye Bechara Jalkh and his team of young female agents as they investigate a case of corporate crime and drug trafficking in Rio de Janeiro.

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Listening to the Earth Listening to the Earth, in Portuguese Ouvindo o Planeta Terra, is a book about how to assess and implement positive environmental practices published by the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, with funding provided by the World Bank.

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