Case Studies

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As a Simultaneous Portuguese Interpreter in London, I had the pleasure to interpret in an interesting event organised by Queen Mary University of London in partnership with People’s Palace Project, which launched a researched project funded by AHRC in partnership with the British Council and Arts Council England.

Several speakers from Brazil and the UK introduced topics such as challenges in understanding cultural exchange, intercultural relations, peripheral communities and cultural meanings, among others.

The project is a landmark in cultural exchange research between Brazil and the UK and I highly recommend visiting their website and Facebook page:

As a Simultaneous Portuguese Interpreter/Translator in London, I have found very interesting to contribute to this cultural exchange and being able to translate such diverse concepts from English into Brazilian Portuguese and vice-versa. It is also interesting to see the concept of ‘translation’ being applied to culture and I will certainly keep watching that closely. It was also rewarding to get compliments from the organisers and members of the public.

Also important is to mention that the event also had Sign Language Interpreters who were interpreting for a panel member in the afternoon. Their job is so amazing, that it is hard to describe how proud of felt to be part of such an inclusive event.

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