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Short Course for Conference Interpreters by Zoe Hewetson in London UK

Course for interpreters with English B

Short Course for Conference Interpreters - Cristine AdamsFollowing successful short courses for interpreters with English B in the past two summers, Christine Adams and Zoë Hewetson are running two more now in 2016.

There is a felt need for opportunities for colleagues to work on their B in a practical, supportive environment.

The courses will run August 15-20 (German and Dutch, already full!) and August 22-27 (French, still have spaces) and will include:




My experience as an Interpreter from Portuguese A to English B

I had the opportunity to participate last year, Booths for Interpreting from Portuguese A into English B and felt that I had a genuine opportunity to reflect upon my interpreting technique and to identify areas of improvement.

The sessions about English Enhancement and Voice Coaching were particularly interesting. Tim Birkett, our voice coach, has previous experience working with interpreters and knows what makes us tick.

Rob, our English Enhancement tutor, was equally interesting and made us reflect upon the nuances of cultural insights and British customs and behaviours, including negotiation strategies and reading between the lines (not always easy for Latin spirits).

The set up was excellent and very professional. It was interesting to share the booth with colleagues from other languages as well, and to reflect on our practices without the common pressures we experience interpreting professionally.

This course is a must for any interpreter seeking to give their best to their clients and achieve maximum performance. Thank you Zoe and Christine!

Short courses in London for conference interpreters with English B

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