Debora Chobanian as ITI Award Winner 2017 on Best Performance on Interpreting Assignment

ITI Award Winner 2017 | Best Performance on an Interpreting Assignment

Debora Chobanian has received a prestigious interpreting award from the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).

She was named winner in the Best Performance on an Interpreting Assignment class at the Institute’s international conference and gala dinner in Cardiff, Wales, on 19 May.

The judges recognised her achievements in interpreting at a series of events and media interviews for Amnesty International around the launch of a report entitled You killed my Son on homicides committed by the military police in Rio de Janeiro.

Débora showed great professionalism and stamina working on this assignment, which included upsetting detail about murders and the experiences of mothers whose sons had been killed.

She also had to use a number of interpreting techniques, and get to grips with complex terminology including colloquial language, slang and technical terminology about guns, public security and related institutions.

Débora is the first-ever winner of this award, as part of a new, expanded awards programme the institute has launched to recognised the best in translation and interpreting and to set a benchmark for what quality and professionalism should look like in the sector.

She was feature in her local newspaper, the South London Press, who wanted to hear her views on working with languages, multiculturalism and her views on the impact of BREXIT in her industry.

Debora Chobanian in the South London Press Interpreting Prize for Difficult Work

As a Brazilian Portuguese translator, interpreter and intercultural consultant, Débora works with clients all over the world. She also has experience as a lecturer in languages and interpreting skills.