Debora Chobanian, Brazilian translator and interpreter in London, UK performing simultaenous interpreting

Brazilian Portuguese Translation and Interpreting Services in London, UK

Hello, I’m Débora Chobanian, director and founder of WordlyWise Language Services Ltd. As a Brazilian Portuguese Translator and Interpreter based in London-UK, I provide certified translations from Portuguese into English, as well as translation and simultaneous interpreting from English and Spanish into and from Portuguese Brazilian.
I’ve been working as a Brazilian Portuguese Conference Interpreter for many years, providing simultaneous translation between English and Portuguese for all types of events. I organise booths for large events, but also have an accessible portable equipment, which is suitable for small meetings.

As I have a background in PR, marketing and advertising, I provide transcreation and content writing services in Brazilian Portuguese. I’ve recently trained in writing for the web and now offer on-page SEO in Brazilian Portuguese.

I’m happy to help individuals, organisations and companies of all shapes and sizes, offering straight forward solutions and high-quality services. Please get in touch for more information by visiting my contact page. Thank you.



  • Portuguese simultaneous interpreting
  • Portuguese consecutive interpreting
  • Court interpreter
  • Chuchotage
  • Liaison interpreting

Portuguese Interpreter


  • English/Spanish into Brazilian Portuguese
  • Portuguese into English
  • Certified Translations
  • Software Localisation
  • Website Translation
  • Business Documents
  • Transcreation

Portuguese Translator

Project Management

  • Translation project management
  • Interpreting project management
  • Selection of professional and qualified translators and proofreaders
  • Interpreting for conferences and groups

Project Management


  • Intercultural Consultant and Professional Coach
  • Business and culture in Brazil
  • Working effectively with Brazilian colleagues
  • Doing business in Brazil
  • Communicating effectively with Brazilians
  • Living and working in Brazil

Cross-Cultural Training

  • Effective communication skills
  • Effective report writing

Communication Skills Training


  • Written, edited and transcreated copy for adverts
  • Written, edited and transcreated copy for brochures
  • Written, edited and transcreated copy for campaign materials



  • Narration
  • Character voice
  • Telephone prompts
  • Dubbing